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Moving to GitLab Community Edition

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In sync with my recent decision to bring my sites under one hood today I finally spinned up my own GitLab Community Edition server under Please don’t mind the self-signed SSL certificate!

What is GitLab Community Edition (CE)?

According to GitLab’s website Gitlab CE is

  • open source software to collaborate on code.
  • able to create projects and repositories, manage access and do code reviews.
  • on-premises software that you can install and use on your server(s).

Major features include

  • Completely free and open source (MIT license)
  • Keep your code secure on your own server
  • Manage repositories, users and access permissions
  • Perform code reviews with merge requests
  • Extended permission system with 5 access levels and branch protection
  • Efficient user management by creating groups of projects and teams of users
  • Use the ticketing system included in GitLab or integrate your existing system
  • Line comments and discussions in merge requests and diffs
  • Each project has a wiki backed up by a separate git repository
  • A complete list of all GitLab Community Edition features

Why my own GitLab?

I have some hands-on experience with GitLab for the past year and I must admit it’s just an awesome open-source replacement of mainstream VC systems like Atlassian’s Stash or GitHub. A while back I opened but apparently gitweb is unable to give me the level of desired project management not to mention the “antique” look. I’ll continue to share my public projects on GitHub. After all it’s a nice and free backup. But there I’m limited to just few private projects so finally my own GitLab.